Getting to know Camryn Sproule

Camryn Sproule is a singer-guitarist-songwriter who performed with local star Andrew Allen, for his Home for the Holiday concert. - Fiona Forshaw image studios
Camryn Sproule is a singer-guitarist-songwriter who performed with local star Andrew Allen, for his Home for the Holiday concert.
— image credit: Fiona Forshaw image studios


Special to The Morning Star

Camryn Sproule is a 15-year-old musician from Vernon. She has participated in Our Kids Have Talent multiple times.

Q: How did you become interested in music?

A: “I have always loved music and I have loved to sing since I was really little. My parents were big Jack Johnson fans and I think that subconsciously was my motivation to learn guitar. I didn’t really take it too seriously or expect to pursue music until I got a bit older.

“I started to write songs and began to perform around town. I discovered it was something I really enjoyed and wanted to keep doing.”

Q: What is it about music that interests you so much?

A: “Music is just something I find really powerful. It’s a way people can express themselves and relate to other people.

“I really like writing as well, so the lyrical aspect of music is really interesting to me.”

Q: What made you decide to audition for Our Kids Have Talent”?

A: “I decided to audition for my first time when I was 12-years-old to gain experience. I’ve continued to audition every year for the same reason and have met a lot of really talented people. This past year especially.”

Q: Do you get nervous before a performance or are you calm?

A: “I used to get really nervous before I performed but every time it gets easier. I’m pretty calm now, and as soon as I start playing, the nerves go away.”

Q: How do you warm-up before a performance?

A: “I don’t really have a regular warm-up before I perform. I just drink tons of water.”

Q: I saw you perform at Andrew Allen’s Home for the Holidays show. How was that experience for you?

A: “It was amazing. I had so much fun and got to work with extremely talented musicians. Being a part of a big production like that was a great opportunity to learn and meet people.”

Q: How old were you when you learned to play guitar?

A: “I was given my first guitar for Christmas when I was 11, and I took lessons for a couple of months. Since then I have just been teaching myself.”

Q: Do you have any friends or family that sing?

A: “One of my closest friends sings and plays guitar and we perform together all the time. My family is also very musical and a few of my relatives sing and play instruments.”

Q: What are your hobbies aside from music?

A: “I’m not very athletically gifted, so I just stick with my creative hobbies. I like to paint and draw. I also like to write.”

Q: Have you ever been to a big concert? If so, who was it?

A: “I went to see Mumford and Sons in Vancouver last year. It was a really good show.”

Q: When you are songwriting, where does the inspiration for the songs come from?

A: “It’s always different. It will usually come when you least expect. I find it really hard to just sit down and write a song, I almost always write songs without planning to at all.”

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A: “Hopefully, I have a musical career. I would like to have made albums and performed in different places. I can see myself traveling a lot in future as well.”

Aniko Forgo is a Grade 12 Kalamalka Secondary School student who has conducted a series of Q&As with local musicians.


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