Steen: Costner does his thing in Draft Day

  • updated Apr 16, 2014 at 4:56 PM

This show will appeal to men and woman as it’s about sacrifice, healing, negotiations, surprises and making tough choices…

Vernon Morning Star

Montreal Guitar Trio strings out North Okanagan Community Concert Association's 60th year

  • posted Apr 18, 2014at 1:00 AM

MG3 gets a ‘rush’ playing everything from Radiohead to Morricone to a certain Canadian prog-rock band on its new recording, Der Prinz.

Vernon Morning Star

Street Sounds: Dr. Feelgood guitarist gives a rockin’ goodbye

  • posted Apr 18, 2014at 1:00 AM

Guitarist/songwriter Wilko Johnson and The Who's Roger Daltrey pair up for some righteous old school maximum R&B on Going Back Home.

Vernon Morning Star

Reel Reviews: The flock returns

  • posted Apr 18, 2014at 1:00 AM

Birds of a feather stick together in Rio 2, which should migrate to DVD.

Penticton Western News

Okanagan International Children’s Festival illuminates the stage for adults as well

  • posted Apr 17, 2014at 6:00 PM

Illumination is a fundraising gala for adults featuring an hour-long performance from children's festival headliners.

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