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RATIONAL THOUGHTS: Jesus, may I introduce Krishna?

Who was this?

Holes pierced in his feet. A hole in the top of one foot, just above the toes, where the nail was inserted in the act of crucifixion.

Savior ___ atoned for the sins of a grief-stricken world by “pouring out his blood as a propitiatory offering” while stretched upon the cross.

But, before the crucifixion, “he soon became surrounded by many earnest followers and the people in vast multitudes followed him, crying aloud, ‘This is indeed the Redeemer promised to our fathers.’”

His pathway was thickly strewn with miracles, which consisted of healing the sick, curing lepers, restoring the dumb, deaf and blind, raising the dead, aiding the weak, comforting the sorrow-stricken, relieving the oppressed and casting out devils.

He comes not ostensibly to destroy the previous religion, but to purify it of its impurities and to preach a better doctrine.

He came, as he declared, “to reject evil and restore the reign of good, and redeem man from the consequences of the fall, and deliver the oppressed earth from its load of sin and suffering.”

His disciples believed him to be God himself and millions worshiped him.

There is more:

1. His miraculous birth by a virgin.

2. The mother and child being visited by shepherds, wise men and the angelic host, who joyously sang, “In thy delivery, O favoured among women, all nations shall have cause to exult.”

3. The edict of the tyrant ruler ___, ordering all the first-born to be put to death.

4. The miraculous escape of the mother and child from his bloody decree by the parting of the waves of the River ___ to permit them to pass through on dry ground.

5. The early retirement of ___ to a desert.

6. His baptism or ablution in the River ___.

7. His transfiguration at ___, where he assured his disciples that “present or absent, I will always be with you.”

8. He was anointed with oil by women.

9. The fish story is told of him — his disciples being enabled by him to catch large draughts of the finny prey in their nets.

Many of the precepts uttered by ___ display a profound wisdom and depth of thought.

Above all things, cultivate love for your neighbour.

Who as this?

This was Krishna of India, who, according to tradition, was crucified in approximately 1200 BC.

Incidentally, he had a “virgin” birth, either by a hair of the Hindu God Vishnu entering his mother’s womb or, as told in another version of the myth, God Vishnu himself entering her womb.

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Bill Ligertwood is

director of the Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought, a Canadian Centre for

Inquiry affiliate.


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