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Paige from Maple Ridge ventures out on the first sunny day!

Paige Charron is excited to being the Kin's Green Fighters challenge.
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By Paige Charron

I thought I'd write another entry!  I am just so excited.  Yesterday we finally had sun, and it was my one day off, sandwiched in between shifts, so I put on my ugly old track pants and jacket....I really need new things for my 'new' me!...Anyways, I took a friend and we had only planned an hour and a quarter, as we did not know what to expect.  The trail we chose turned out to be really easy, and we finished early.  Apparently I was moving quickly.  Back when I hiked regularly, I was always last!

When I got back to my place, the greatest thing was that the neighbors I don't know invited me to their little vitamin D party on the edge of the cul de sac.  They had a table, chairs, wine and beer.  I was so impressed.  I put my things in my place, poured the teeny bit of wine I had left, and added soda water, ice cubes, and a bit of lime.  I only knew one of the neighbors, so this was just a perfect time to tell them about the challenge, and they were so receptive.  One has invited me to a stretchy-type yoga class on Sunday nights, and her dragon boating team in Fort Langley.  I hope some will show up to do a 'Post-it' about their One Thing on Saturday.

Off I went into my place, after being so good about just one glass of those carbs!  I had my cinnamon curry steak that had been in the slow cooker for 6 hours, and settled in to relax before chores.

I already feel so different, and I am in the FOURTH day !!!!! of this challenge! EEeeeeee!!!


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