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Jamie skiing at Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC. Skiing, Snowboarding and Mountain Biking are favourite activities.
Jamie Leggatt

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By: Jamie Leggatt

This is the point at which most diets fail for me. I’ve eaten right and exercised consistently for a whole week and feel great. I swear that my pants are fitting just a little bit looser and imagine that I must be so much lighter already! So yesterday I decided to step on the scale for a little extra motivation. To my surprise and utter horror, my weight hasn’t changed an ounce!

So I stepped off the scale, moved it do a different location, and tried again. No change. I did that a few more times and then decided to get my husband to step on the scale – maybe it’s magically stuck on my number. But he steps on and is down a few pounds.

At this point, I could scream and cry and sit down and eat an entire chocolate cake to myself. I’ve worked so hard, written down everything that I’ve ate, hit the gym every day on my lunch break, and for what? No change?

Even though that has been my response in the past, I didn’t do that. Instead I wrote a “what’s wrong with me e-mail” to one of our challenge support people, and then went for a mountain bike ride to clear my head.

I’ve been told not to give up, that my body is just in shock this first week and isn’t going to let go of the extra fat right away. So even though I’m upset that the scale hasn’t changed, the fear of a before and after picture being published in the paper is enough to keep me motivated and focused on continuing the good habits I’ve started to develop.

Although, if the scale doesn’t change next week, I just might have a full-blown melt-down...



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