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Elliptical Escapades - March 3rd

Nancy Watson Wilborn is swapping her pajamas for workout wear.
Nancy Watson Wilborn

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By Nancy Watson Wilborn – Ladner Ninja Mama


I was at the gym the other day, doing my thing, on the elliptical machine. The picture above is me NOT doing my thing! Although I just might be wearing those same fluffy pink pajamas as I write this blog...

"My thing" as of late, now that I am a Kin's Green Fighter, being sweating, watching cheezy TV shows (blurry, as I don't wear my glasses when I go to the gym) and striving towards keeping my heart rate up in my target range for 30 minutes.

I vigorously wipe myself down with my sweat rag (snickering whilst Snooki deals with a crying infant and a smoke alarm going off at the same time) and all of a sudden the elliptical monster starts to groan and shudder and come to an abrupt stop.

My dangly purple bejewelled earring had been knocked off by my vigorous wiping of sweat and had become lodged in the whirring mechanism which causes the elliptical to ellipticate. (I just made that word up).

So, I fall off the machine, thinking "Man, I am gonna hafta go and tell the nice staff lady that I broke the elliptical machine!"

Alas, I was able to retrieve the earring from the bowels of the elliptical device myself, thus saving me any future embarrassment. Luckily this event happened at 43 seconds before the end of my workout, so it didn't cause me too much strife.

Work out lesson learned: wipe less vigorously and more ladylike-ly.


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