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Why is Tina Palazzo doing this challenge?

Tina Palazzo is looking forward to getting in shape with the Kins Green Fighters Challenge.
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My name is Tina Palazzo and I am a resident of Burnaby and I will be representing Burnaby in the Kin's Green Fighter Challenge. I am very proud to be chosen as one of the contestant for this contest. I am very excited to be here and what an honour to have an opportunity to take part in such an amazing experience:

When I applied for this contest there were two important factors that made me want to be part of this amazing opportunity and I would like to share them with you all...

1) As you all know I will be turning 50 this year ya the big 5-0 and one of my goals in 2013 is wanting to live a healthier lifestyle by making healthier food choices and getting back to exercising on a regular basis.  I used to be very active and due to personal reasons that occurred in the past two years, not to mention losing some self-confidence – I lost control of everything. For some reason ( I think it was a sign)  I am really starting to pay attention of what is being said on social media, tv , radio regarding eating well and exercising - which I have been lacking in both areas for the past few years. I am keep saying to myself – HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Where did the extra 20 pounds come from? Oh Tina it just appeared in one night ... Heck no! I know exactly what happen – poor eating decisions, no exercising not to mention eating out too much (4 nights  a week) . It is a good thing that I am just a social drinker otherwise there would be another problem for me to deal with! As I go forward with this challenge I am really looking forward to the years ahead and I need to make changes now and being proactive. If I do not take these steps now regarding my health, I will have a bigger problem later in life and honestly, I do not want to be placed in this situation- when I can do something about it now.

2) One of the other goals I have in 2013 is to be more involved within the community. One of the organizations that I feel very strongly about more so than ever – is the Canadian Cancer Society and what they are doing to create awareness to this cause - not to mention the fundraising aspect. Over this past year, I lost one of my best friends to cancer and it was very traumatic experience for me losing the loss of your friend - one of your best friends that you have known for over 25 years.

Every time I talk to someone regarding my friend in conversation the word cancer comes up as they tell me also, that they know someone else who have been diagnosed with this. I am hoping that being a representative for the Canadian Cancer Society in raising awareness not to mention fundraising, I will be able to make a contribution/difference to the community and people lives. I hope that everything that I learn through this process, I will be able to share with others. I hope that this knowledge will impact their lives as much as it will impact mine.  Knowing that I have been able to help in some capacity - I know that I have achieved my goals.

The next 13 weeks we will have challenges, but we also will have success. My motive is to keep a positive attitude and takes it one step at a time. The journey is not the end results – the journey is the process on how we get there.  I look forward in sharing my stories for the next 13 weeks

If you would like to make a contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society to help me raise money  please follow this link:


Greatly appreciated

Tina Palazzo— Kin's Bby Girl


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